What the industry is saying about MR&H

“It was the best MR&H conference since Madrid! Great atmosphere created by a good choice of venue, perfect organisation and many great panellists and attendees!”

- Miguel Casas, Senior Director, CBRE Hotels Limited

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“MR&H is a prestigious event and it is critical in terms of hospitality especially within the Mediterranean region. I look forward to attending more of these events and what I like most is not only the quality of the panellists and the organisation but also all of the attendees that come along and create a very lively discussion and debate.”

- Thanos Papasavvas, Founder & CIO, ABP Invest

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"The Med is one of the most visited areas in the world…it deserves a world-class event to showcase its true potential, and MR&H delivered just that!"

- Savvas Perdios, Chief Operations Officer, Louis Hotels

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“MR&H is a quality event which I will definitely be attending again. The conference gives you a superb balance of networking and highly informative sessions. The attendance is of the highest calibre and you come away with really useful contacts.”

- Daniel Johansson, Development Director, Campbell Gray Hotels

MR&H 2018 Highlights