What the industry is saying about MR&H

“It was the best MR&H conference since Madrid! Great atmosphere created by a good choice of venue, perfect organisation and many great panellists and attendees!”

- Miguel Casas, Senior Director, CBRE Hotels Limited

The Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum (MR&H) year after year, provides access to a curated audience of 300+ investors, owners, developers, operators and consultants, and 2019 was no different!

We're so thrilled you joined for what has been another incredible year for MR&H!
• Over 370 registered attendees
• 88 industry-leading speakers
• 21 hours of content and networking opportunities

The 2.5-day programme ave you access to sessions delivered by world leaders from the industry covering everything from the latest market fundamentals to new destinations and customer experience trends to grow your business in the region.

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“MR&H is a prestigious event and it is critical in terms of hospitality especially within the Mediterranean region. I look forward to attending more of these events and what I like most is not only the quality of the panellists and the organisation but also all of the attendees that come along and create a very lively discussion and debate.”

- Thanos Papasavvas, Founder & CIO, ABP Invest

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"The Med is one of the most visited areas in the world…it deserves a world-class event to showcase its true potential, and MR&H delivered just that!"

- Savvas Perdios, Chief Operations Officer, Louis Hotels

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“MR&H is a quality event which I will definitely be attending again. The conference gives you a superb balance of networking and highly informative sessions. The attendance is of the highest calibre and you come away with really useful contacts.”

- Daniel Johansson, Development Director, Campbell Gray Hotels

MR&H 2019 Highlights