The Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum (MR&H) is proud to announce the official launch of the 3rd Edition of “Branded Residences: An Overview” authored by Chris Graham, Managing Director at Graham Associates, at our Athens conference later this month.

With 56-pages featuring expert insights, opinions and latest data from industry leaders across the globe, it remains the most comprehensive study of this burgeoning sector. 

Mirroring the expansion of global wealth that has multiplied the number of HNWIs since the millennium, the growth of branded residences has been exponential, not only in terms of quantity but also locations and brands. It has been driven by wide-ranging and proven benefits for developers, brands/operators and purchasers – an unusual “win-win-win” scenario – which are examined in this report. 

Branding real estate creates an aspirational model that reflects the prestige and kudos associated with that brand, facilitating stand-out in an increasingly competitive market in which consumer expectations continually rise. As the model progressively becomes the norm rather than the exception, today’s discerning and highly-informed buyer needs to understand how one brand will benefit his or her lifestyle and investment ambitions over another – not least to justify the price premium. And with so many brands from an ever-widening spectrum of sectors now participating, differentiation, relevance and effective marketing are crucial to ensure success. 

As a branding and marketing specialist, Chris Graham has worked with many international real estate and resort developments over the past two decades. In 2015, finding surprisingly little information was available about branded residences, he was motivated to research and publish the widely acclaimed first edition of this report, which was the most in-depth study of the sector


Report Contents:

• A “win-win-win” formula

• Jumping on the B®andwagon

• License fees

• Spotlight on Marriott

• Motivations

• Buyer Benefits

• Designed for Living

• Spotlight on Accor

• Brand Premium

• Choosing the right brand

• Spotlight on Hilton

• The importance of differentiation

• Brand or Bland?

• The Evolution of Luxury

• Spotlight on Mandarin Oriental

• The influence of wellness on design

• Urban vs Resort

• Spotlight on Hyatt

• Rental Programmes

• Spotlight on Rosewood

• Governance and legal considerations

• Spotlight on Conde Nast

• Emerging markets

• Absorption rates

• Future trends


The report is available for free download at  Printed copies are also available.

“In an increasingly congested market, the winning brands will be those that can seamlessly manage the residential experience for both the developer and the downstream homeowner. To stand out from the crowd, brand differentiation tactics and strategies will need to be employed that have strong buyer resonance. We see this as the most vital challenge for the sector going forward. We see opportunities for greater innovation in design and service and welcome Chris Graham’s deeper dive into market trends and industry observations on this topic and many others.”

Muriel Muirden, Executive Vice President & Managing Director - Strategy, WATG

Chris will be attending and speaking at MR&H later this month on “Home is Where the Money Is: The Impact of the Residential Market on Resorts”. Moderated by Philip Bacon (Horwath HTL), Chris will be joined by Alexandros Moulas (Savills UK), Phil Golding (Cedar Capital Partners) and Dimitris Manikis (Wyndham Hotels & Resorts) to discuss how you can embrace the increasingly important residential component of a resort it to best effect and what is the investment opportunity in branded residences and how to make the owner-developer-operator relationship work?