Alexandros Kallantzis is the Chief Executive Officer at Sparta S.A. Part of Libra Group, Sparta S.A. is a newly created structure specifically focused on investment in hotels and resorts across the Mediterranean. Alexandros will be joining the conference programme at the Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum (MR&H) and speaking on Home is Where the Money Is: The Impact of the Residential Market on Resorts. In advance, Alexandros talks to MR&H about the boom in tourism across the Mediterranean and the emerging trends he foresees in the next year.
1. From your perspective, how do you feel the hospitality and leisure investment climate is across the Mediterranean at the moment?
The Mediterranean (especially in the north) has seen a tourist boom in recent years. The upward trend spans all the classic destinations and tourists are now starting to return to Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey. Greece is expecting another record year in tourism, which has led to a significant upturn in hospitality investment.

2. Which specific areas of the Mediterranean are currently attractive to the investment community?
I would say that Southern Europe is the leader. Natural beauty, currency and political stability, along with access to funding play a major role.

3. What shifts/trends do you see emerging for the region over the next 6/12 months?
I would see stabilization in Southern Europe and, depending on political stability, I would see a rise in North Africa.

4. What are the main risks currently with investing in hospitality real estate in Europe?
Hospitality is very susceptible to economic and geopolitical factors. Political instability will always pose a risk, while the threat of terrorism is always there, albeit in some regions more than others.

5. What are you most looking forward to at MR&H 2019?
Listening to the opinions and points of view of other investors.

You are invited to join Alexandros, a host of other inspirational speakers, as well as new and existing business contacts and colleagues at MR&H 2019.